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Domain Name Extensions: Choosing the Right TLD

Your domain name extension, also known as a top-level domain (TLD), is critical for shaping first impressions of your business online. Here are tips for selecting the best TLD:

Consider brand alignment

If your business name includes ".com", staying consistent with a .com domain builds legitimacy. For other names, choose an extension matching the tone you want to set.

.com - authoritative, corporate 

.net - technology focused 

.org - non-profit, cause-driven

Evaluate new domain options

Newer TLDs can provide alternatives like:

.io - tech startups 

.store - online shops

.site - portfolios, blogs

.club - member communities 

.guru - consultants, coaches

Check availability

Research options to see if your preferred TLDs have availability for the name you want. Try different extensions if your first choice is taken.

Compare relevance

Pick the TLD that best represents your business and brand voice. Choosing a domain extension aligned to your industry can boost relevance.

Consider search visibility

While search engines are getting better at indexing new TLDs, .com, .org and .net still have advantages for SEO.

Secure flexibility

Register close variations of your domain across multiple TLDs to allow for future growth.

Choosing the right domain extension for your business website helps convey what you do right from the start. Buy domains that reinforce your brand story.

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