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WHOIS Protection: Why It's Important and How to Enable It

When you register a domain, your contact details are publicly visible in the WHOIS directory by default. Enabling WHOIS privacy hides this info.

What is WHOIS and why protect it?

The WHOIS database links domain names to owners' name, address, email and other contact info. Displaying this data openly can expose you to spam, telemarketers, and fraud.

WHOIS protection shields your personal details from being shown in WHOIS search results, improving privacy and security.

Check if your registrar offers WHOIS privacy

Most reputable domain registrars offer WHOIS protection services nowadays. Search "[Registrar Name] WHOIS Privacy" to find their specific offerings.

Enable WHOIS privacy in your account

Log into your registrar account, locate the WHOIS privacy settings, and enable protection. This typically involves clicking an option and confirming.

Renew WHOIS protection yearly

WHOIS privacy must be renewed annually alongside your domain registration. Calendar reminders prevent accidental lapses.

Registrar's info displayed

With WHOIS privacy on, your registrar's generic contact details will be shown publicly instead of your personal domain info.

Safeguarding your data is critical online. WHOIS protection hides your contact info to prevent domain ownership exposure.

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