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Setting Up HTTPS with an SSL in cPanel

Encrypting your cPanel website traffic with SSL establishes trust and security for your visitors. Here is how to install and activate a certificate:

Obtain an SSL Certificate

First, purchase an SSL certificate from a reputable provider like DigiCert or Sectigo. Cheaper certificates put your security at risk.

Create a Certificate Signing Request

In cPanel, generate a CSR, which the provider will use to verify you and issue a signed certificate.

Activate the Signed Certificate

After the provider validates your request and domain ownership, they will provide certificate files. Upload these to cPanel to activate SSL.

Redirect to HTTPS

Use cPanel's option to force all traffic over HTTPS protocol. This ensures all connections are encrypted.

Renew Certificates Annually

SSL certificates expire after 1-2 years usually. Renew yours annually to maintain security without interruption.

With a valid SSL certificate installed in cPanel and redirection configured, your website will transmit safely over HTTPS.

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